Orin & Brenda

Orin and his sister Brenda came to Las Vegas from New Jersey when they were very young. Growing up in a fast-paced city with parents struggling with drug addiction resulted in a number of stays at Child Haven and into the foster care system. Each time they entered foster care their extended families back in New Jersey were contacted about providing a home for these children. The drug addiction their parents were trying to get away from by moving to Las Vegas was due in part to their parents being involved with drugs, gangs, and living in an environment of poverty. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins loved these children and wanted to help, but were without the resources or ability. Orin and Brenda knew they had a family back East and frequently asked to call them or visit them. 

As Orin and Brenda moved through the foster care system, they called their “Back East” family and wished for the time they would be able to hug their Grandparents, be a part of the family holiday celebrations, and catch-up with their numerous cousins. Through funding from the Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas, Orin and Brenda are provided with airfare to return to their Grandparents’ home each Christmas to reconnect with their extended family. The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas understands the positive outcomes of helping children stay in contact with their extended families.