Make An Impact

How You Can Make an Impact

Foster Youth in Clark County have been removed from their homes due to abuse or severe neglect.

We consider these children to be “our” children. Please help us make a difference in their lives by making a donation, sponsoring an event, or providing in-kind donations.


Normal life can be hard for any child growing up in society today. Yet, thousands of children need tutoring in order to keep up with the often-overwhelming challenge of today’s schools. Imagine how much harder that is for children whose lives have been uprooted, often in unimaginable circumstances. Many foster children need help to simply keep up in school frequently falling as far as two years behind. Our goal is to give these children a fighting chance for a brighter future and better life by providing private tutoring options to bring these children up to grade level.

Arts & Music

The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas recognizes that children who have suffered all too often withdraw from the world, from life, from themselves. When their harsh reality has been literally beyond belief, Children’s Foundation knows that something must be done to help them step out, to experience life, and to express themselves. Through the Arts and through Music, viciously-abused children are able to come out of their shells and express their emotions – to build their confidence and sense of self-worth, and to move forward in their lifelong process of healing. 


Summer camp is a rite-of-passage for “tweens” who are ready to step out of the home and into a larger world – and do so in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment. For children who have been victims of life and who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in the protective embrace of the foster care system, the need is especially profound – but the cost, though modest for a typical middle-class nuclear family, can be daunting for a foster family. Children in need also benefit from special camps tailored specifically to their needs. 

That’s where The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas can step in, helping children move closer to the independence of adulthood, and closer to a life untainted by their harsh reality, by funding requests for camp scholarships. 

Health & Vision

Medicaid is supposed to pay for necessary healthcare for children “in the system,” but as with all large bureaucratic programs, some children fall through the system’s cracks. That is where the Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas steps in and helps. When Medicaid doesn’t cover vision care, Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas makes the reality of corrected eyesight possible for children who already have a hard time looking honestly and straightforwardly at life and the world – without the added burden of uncorrected vision, dental and Orthodontics. 


No matter their background, children thrive when they can engage in regular and healthy sports programs. They need a place to go where they can feel they belong, and programs that offer them an opportunity to excel. But as with so many other things in life, these programs are not free. While diligent foster parents throughout the valley struggle to make the benefits of home available to their children in foster care, the extra costs of organized sports programs are often out of reach of the family budget.

That is another area where The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas helps. Whether it’s Little League, martial arts, dance, and gymnastics, or the National Junior Olympics, The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas steps forward and helps individual children to fulfill their dreams while being set on a path where effort and ability are rewarded.


Too often, children are abandoned into the foster system by uncaring or unwilling parents, but these abandoned children do not automatically lose touch with members of their extended families. While “mom and dad” might have been parental failures in the first degree, loving grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles may wish to remain in the children’s’ lives – and that can mean travel across town, across the state, or across the nation. Wherever life takes them, The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas is ready to help children in need.