Unmet Needs/Tutoring Programs Ages 18-23

Request Needs

An estimated 20% of young adults will experience homelessness in the first four years after aging out of foster care. They are removed from the only housing, health care, and educational support they have in their lives. Many of them fail to find a permanent place to live and end up sleeping on the streets, on public transportation, or in vehicles during a pandemic. Those who age out of foster care are at increased risk for several adverse adult outcomes, including homelessness, poverty, high unemployment rates, incarceration, and low educational attainment (National Alliance To End Homelessness).

Far too many youths age out of foster care with no sense of direction or knowledge of resources or assistance. The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas has extended its mission to identify and support the unmet needs of aged-out youth between the years 18 and 23.

In continuing the mission of the Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas to support the unmet needs of children who are or have been in foster care, this application to request unmet needs should be requested by current Case Managers and or former foster youth between the ages of 18 years and 24 years that are in programs related to foster care assistance. Please note the following guidelines:

  • We do not provide reimbursement. If the item or activity has already been paid for, please do not make a funding request.
  • We do not pay individuals but only send checks to businesses and organizations.
  • We cannot approve a request without proper documentation, so please make sure to attach an invoice or any document that shows proof of the cost of the activity or item included in your request.
  • Since we would like to fund requests for as many youths as possible, only one request per youth will be considered in six months.
  • Finally, after all the necessary documentation is received, please allow ten days for us to process this request.