Children's Foundation of Las Vegas

501(c)(3) Nonprofit corporation

Foster children and youth are more likely to have PTSD than combat veterans. The child abuse and neglect they have experienced put them at a staggering risk for substance abuse, anxiety, depression, truancy, dropping out of school, criminal activity as youth and adults, and homelessness (within 18 months of aging out of foster care, 40-50% of foster youth are homeless.). Children who have experienced abuse or neglect have difficulty developing peer relationships and experience more bullying and social isolation.

These children also long to fit in with their peers at school and have “normal” childhood experiences. But participating in an extracurricular activity is often beyond a foster child’s reach, causing them to not only feel different and separate from their peers, but miss out on opportunities and experiences that allow them to build skills andrelationships.

Your generosity will help foster youth achieve a sense of normalcy, gain self-confidence, and feel like welcomed members of the community, while instilling confidence and hope and preparing them for a brighter future.

The Foundation could not do what it does without your generous support! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughtful donation to support children who are in or have been in foster care.

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